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As if I needed another reason not to go outside.  But maybe you needed one more way to avoid work at the office.  And schedules make gaming difficult.  I NEED a fix!  Even using online sites like Roll20 requires a live game time and aren’t likely to go over well when you’re “on the clock.”  So what’s the answer?  Get back to work?  Nah!  Play by post is making a comeback.  Read more ›

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Preview: WITCH, Now on Kickstarter


As you may remember, I am something of a Kickstarter fiend—and if I didn’t make it perilously clear in the previous article, I think that crowdfunding, on the whole, has been a tremendous blessing to the tabletop industry. What you might not know is that I’m also a fiend for magic systems—they’re my favorite little fiddly bits in the whole world of RPGs. Given that, it’s not a surprise that I found myself gravitating towards WITCH, now entering the last few days of its Kickstarter campaign fully-funded and heading towards some exciting stretch goals. Read more ›

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Friday Night D&D – LIVE tonight, 3/20 at 8:30PST

Hello gamers! Tonight we begin our official D&D 5th Edition campaign. Our players are set, characters drawn up (all new character line-up – no pre-gens here), and this is a home-brewed campaign setting built by GM Mason McDaniel.

Players include:

Tom Lommel (whom many of you likely know as The Dungeon Bastard) as the half-elf sorcerer Udo Meinhardt.

Amy Vorpahl (Saving Throw co-host extraordinaire, and creator of the If RPG Video Game Characters Were Honest sketches) as Arqe Barky, a human barbarian healer.

Chris Greenwood (a familiar face if you’ve seen our previous streams) as Asher Flynt, a half-elf bard.

Shawn Graham (comedian and all-around good guy) as a disgraced human paladin named Donovan Belter.

Virva Aryan (RPG newbie and all-around good gal) as the secretive and stealthy high elven rogue, Aatuska Nakine.

We’ll have character info and more up on our Wiki shortly. You can also take part in the adventure yourself! Through the donation system you can affect the game and the players directly, while also helping us make more content for you! It’s a win-win! Name NPCs, heal characters, turn the tide of battle (both ways!). The power is in YOUR hands.

Join the stream at 8:30p every other Friday starting TONIGHT only on the Saving Throw channel!

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Tabletop in the Classroom – How I used RPGs to Teach

So, some background about me. I’m not actually a fur-wearing, greataxe-toting barbarian in real life. I actually pay attention to hygiene and prefer to keep my greataxes in a locked cabinet for the safety of the youth of today. My real name’s not also a type of soil found in mid-Atlantic broadleaf forests like Udalf Alfisol is. In real life, I’ve just finished the first half of a student teaching position in a freshman level US history class. Read more ›

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The Bake-sics of Player Etiquette


When the Little Red Hen baked the bread, nobody wanted to help. When the Little Red Hen ate the bread, everyone wanted a slice. Fortunately, she didn’t share with those lazy good-for-nothings, teaching them a valuable lesson about hard work. The same lesson here applies to role-playing games: everyone needs to participate if they want to eat the bread. Back in 2014, Jacqui wrote about respecting the host. I’m one-upping her here: respecting the host is not enough. As the GM has obligations to the players, the players have obligations to the GM. Respect is a good starting point, but there are duties that the players must shoulder. Read more ›

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