Dealing with Character Death

“Black Leaf: Never Forget” – Felix Danger

Remember watching some safe-for-kids adventure show when you were young and wondering how so many battles could happen without a single person dying? Every shot was non-lethal. People ejected from smoking aircraft just before they exploded. Cars went tumbling down a cliff only to have people climb out at the bottom dizzy but unharmed. As we got older many of us realized that not only was this lazy story writing, we realized we were bored with a show once it became clear no one was going to die. RPGs can suffer similar fates. Read more ›

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Premiere! Season 1, Episode 1

It’s finally here! We’re very excited to premiere for you the first episode of Saving Throw!

Please feel free to comment, tell us what you liked or didn’t like, give us a thumbs up and share with your friends and gaming groups. The more of that we can get, the more content we can produce.

Thanks for your continued support and stay tuned for more!

This week we start Ben off with learning the playable character races in Pathfinder from Paizo Publishing. See what Ben chooses! Next week we’ll cover the basic classes in Pathfinder.

Not into Pathfinder? Never fear, we’re committed to showcasing as many games as possible. And your support will guarantee we’ll be able to do that.

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Saving Throw – Announcements

Hey everyone!

We’re all set to premiere the show for you tomorrow, November 18th at 11am PST on our YouTube channel. We can’t wait for you to check it out and dive into the Pathfinder gaming system with us! Over the course of 9 episodes we’ll give you the basics of how to create a character that you’ll love playing. We’ll also have some gameplay to demonstrate a lot of the concepts. Not to mention more livestreams and other goodies!

Until then, you can catch hosts Ivan van Norman and Ben Dunn, along with producer Dom Zook, TONIGHT 11/17 LIVE on the Geekscape podcast on from 7-8pm PST! Drop us some questions!



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Bards – The (UNSUNG) Hero

Ah the Bard: Victim of the RPG; Comic relief of fantasy stories and film; The horse’s ass of tavern scenes and battle scenes. Bards are too often looked at as effete minstrels and jugglers, wearing brightly colored hose and shoes with little bells. GMs have made the bard sing for his supper (actually requiring a player sing a spell… as the party laughed and the player squirmed). So what’s the reasoning behind this mean streak towards just another spellcaster? Read more ›

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Creating Villains: The Ones You Love to Hate

The Original BBEG

Do me a favor. Take a short quiz with me here. Who’s more interesting, both as a character study and as a pop culture icon: Luke, or Vader? Batman, or The Joker? Thor, or Loki? Simon, or Garfunkel? If you’re most people, you picked the latter every time. Well, maybe not for that last one, but that’s an actual question I need help with. There’s a reason you picked the last one. Villains are way more fun and interesting than heroes. Antagonists may be the ones we root against, but you tell me you weren’t fascinated the first time you saw the T-1000 change shape, Hannibal Lecter escape justice, or Jack Nicholson in literally any movie. Read more ›

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Player Etiquette: Using Props

Tiago Hackbarth - PropsUsing props for your game can be a great way to break down the barrier between the real and unreal. Brainstorming on prop ideas can be a real challenge though. Whether you are on a tight budget or a huge money spender this guide will assist your search by providing various prop ideas from other gamers.

Read more ›

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Extra Life 2014 – Tune in Tomorrow!

So tomorrow the games begin! Gamers from around the world will be participating and supporting Children’s Hospitals through the Extra Life charity campaign. 24 hours of straight gameplay. That’s what we have in store for you. And you can watch the whole thing LIVE via an epic partnership with our good friends over at TwinGalaxies Live on!

Beginning at 8am PST tomorrow, October 25th, we’ll be streaming live from the TwinGalaxies’ studio. How can you help? By donating even just $1 you can drive us to our goal. We want to raise $1000 for our local Children’s Hospital. You can donate using this link: – and please feel free to share this link with your friends and family!

What do you get for your donation, you ask? Well, for each threshold we pass you’ll unlock rewards for our players. Some of these are good – like giving a player a BFG9000 in a D&D campaign. Some of these are bad – like giving the GM the ability to take a success away.

You also get the sense that you’re helping kids across the country with their own personal battles by supporting the great work that the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals do.

Thanks, and drop by tomorrow! We’ll be playing ALL. DAY. Help keep us awake by donating. :)



Hammerax is ready. Are you? Click here to donate!

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Beyond Treasure: Making Loot Memorable


There’s more to good treasure than making it rain fat ducats.

The Dungeon Master says “treasure,” and everyone’s got roughly the same image in their head: a heaping helping of easily-spendable coins and gems. If you’re getting wild, maybe there’s a crown somewhere in the mix. That’s finethat’s better than fine, that’s useful, because in most games (especially those tracing their lineage from Dungeons & Dragons), treasure is a game mechanic, a stat that goes up and down and helps players get the things they really want. The treasure is just a shorthand for new plate armor, or a valet, or a cozy little fortress out in the country with a moat full of beholders. The players don’t actually want the treasurejust what the treasure will get them.

But sometimes you want them to want the treasure Read more ›

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Edition wars, what are they good for?

Well, let's not go THAT old school.

Absolutely nothin’.

No, sir, edition wars are bad news all around.  They’re toxic.  For those unfamiliar with the term “edition war,” I’d describe it as a division in a community over the merits of the version of a publication, characterized by controversy, bitterness, and disaffection.  In more practical terms, it’s anger over changes to a “classic.”  Change is always contentious, but edition wars ratchet up the vitriol.  Formerly-pleasant communities turn into hubs for flamewars.  Conversations are populated with veiled insults, subtle barbs, and backhanded compliments.  Resentment simmers under the surface, and one wrong comment can derail an entire discussion.  Newcomers feel unwelcome and old-timers jump ship. Read more ›

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Support Team Saving Throw – Extra Life 2014

Hi everyone!

We’re getting very close to premiering the first episodes of the show for you, but before that happens the Saving Throw team has banded together for a good cause.

What is this cause?
We’re participating in the 2014 Extra Life campaign, which raises money for Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. These organizations offer some of the most comprehensive and professional care for young patients. The money goes to support their programs, teaching, research, and care. More info can be found at the Extra Life website.

What exactly will you be doing?
Play games! Any games. Your support drives our gameplay. And geeks around the world will be playing just like us! Our specialty is RPGs, of course, but we’re nerds so we’ll also be playing board games, video games, and all manner of diversions. For instance, Executive Producer Dom Zook will be running the group through the Slave Pits of the Undercity revamped with D&DNext rules. GM Mason will be playing a LOT of Left for Dead. Heck, we might even bust out some Battle Wizards in the wee hours of the morning…

Again, we’ll be starting at 7am PST on October 25th.

What can I do?
This part is easy! Click the link below, choose Roster and donate to any member of the Saving Throw Show team! Some of us have cool threshold goals that you can participate in, like being able to choose our character class, or activate a special perk during our gameplay.

After you’ve donated you can tune in on October 25th at 7am for 24 hours of gameplay featuring the Saving Throw team on our channel!

Thanks for supporting us in this endeavor and making life just a little bit better for kids everywhere!

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