True Stories from RPG-Playing Girls

RPGs have long attracted society’s socially-awkward. It provides a catalyst to explore new aspects of yourself, your personality, your beliefs. It challenges those same aspects as well. RPGs have thus been a lightning rod for some players – you either play the way they say you have to play (in other words, the way that makes them feel most comfortable) or you don’t belong in the game. No where is this more prevalent than with minorities and in particular women at the gaming table.

Now listen, we’re all nerds. If you’re reading this you’ve probably got a crumpled up nerd card in the back of your wallet proclaiming whatever geek flag you hold claim to. Nerds, nearly by definition, are outcasts. We’ve never been comfortable around anybody let alone those whose backgrounds we are unfamiliar with. Introduce someone that upsets that norm and we get defensive and inarticulate. When in truth, they are very much more like us than we realize.

RPGs aren’t (likely) to solve the Syrian refugee crisis, economic disparity, or the multitude of other important issues we face as a society. But what they can do, and do very well, is shine a light on us – on nerds – and show us at our best. Or our worst. We should take this opportunity then not to exclude but to instead start welcoming disenfranchised players in a safe and constructive atmosphere. Remember, we’re ALL nerds here. We all want a chance to play the game and we’re all going to be socially awkward as fuck. But that’s no excuse to be rude, sexist, racist, homophobic, or otherwise downright mean to our fellow players. Being awkward is not an excuse to be rude.

Take a look at our latest video. These are actual real-life true stories from some of the girls featured in the video! Some are funny, sure, but all are appalling. Take a look back at your interactions with newbies at the table… what could you have done better to make them feel more comfortable? More accepted? More, well, welcome? Share your horror stories in the comments below! Also, share your thoughts on how we can be more accommodating to our fellow nerds. After all, we can level up faster if we work together. Thanks! Now be good and get your game on!

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Barky’s Brigade – Episode 7 – The Perlamore Council

Barky’s Brigade, Episode 7 – The Perlamore Council, is now on YouTube! The party must go undercover to save the city. But can Arqe maintain her cover story? Donovan seems to be having a grand ol’ time. And Udo turns into Atticus Finch. Watch now! Let us know what you think and feel free to share!

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Barky’s Brigade – Episode 6

The latest Barky’s Brigade is up now! If you’re a fan of live, actual play D&D 5e then now is a great time to catch up! There’s an all-new live session this Friday, October 16th, at 8:30p PDT only on our Twitch channel! We’d love for you to swing by.

In this episode of Barky’s Brigade a limerick-spewing murder-hobo from the party’s past comes back to haunt them. Let us know what you think!


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Tell Us Your Dice Stories

Every. Time.

We’re working on a video all about dice and we want to hear from you! Do you have any particular dice stories you’d like to share? Any rituals for when dice go bad? Do you put them in time-out or perform any other form of dice shaming? Maybe you just switch them up from time to time? Or do you never use them again? What about the way you roll? Do you put a little “english” on them in the hopes it will improve the odds?

Or maybe you have a dice manufacturer that you swear by? Perhaps they’ve never done you wrong?

We want to hear these stories! And if you’ve got videos – even better! Feel free to send us your stories via Twitter, Facebook or e-mail ( and we just might use them in the video!

Thanks! We can’t wait to see if we’re the only ones who set all of our dice with the highest number facing up so that the dice can feel what it’s like to be successful.

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Throwing (Out) the Bones: The Argument for Diceless RPGs

Let’s start with something that’s a little bit country, a little bit rock’n’roll, and a lot-a-bit disclaimer: I’m not here to say that any one game or system of style of play is goodfun or badwrongfun. If you’re having fun, and the people sitting at the table with you are having fun, then you’re doing it right, even (and sometimes especially) if you’re playing the game “wrong” by someone’s arbitrary definition.

Especially if that someone is someone anonymous on the internet. Read more ›

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