The Apocalypse Cometh


Here I was, hemming and hawing over whether to write a post about Apocalypse World, and now Vincent Baker starts up a Patreon to fund Apocalypse World 2e. With Mad Max: Fury Road on the horizon, I knew this was a sign that I needed to write an article extolling the virtues of the apocalypse. Read more ›

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Part 1 of Barky’s Brigade now on YouTube

If you’ve been thrilling to the live-plays of our D&D5e campaign with Barky’s Brigade over on our Twitch channel then you know how much fun each episode is. But if you can’t watch on Twitch, or want a refresher, or maybe just the whole campaign in smaller chunks check out the first part of Barky’s Brigade on YouTube!

And tune in tomorrow at 8:30pm PST for the next full session LIVE on! We’ll even have another Loot Crate contest, so be sure to drop in the chat! In the meantime, watch part 1 now!

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The Character Sheet – Don’t Leave Home Without It

You can tell Big Bad Dan put more points into knife fighting than sense

You can tell Big Bad Dan put more points into knife fighting than say…fashion sense

The GM sits behind dozens of books and weeks of research and preparation. A map, painstakingly drawn lies on the table between you. Everyone is looking at you. The party has been attempting to deceive the local town guard about your intentions in this ill fated village. You’ve been asked by the GM to roll your bluff and you’re just staring back all glassy eyed because you can see it in your mind. Your character sheet is sitting on the table by the door at home and you have no idea what your bluff skill is without it. Read more ›

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The Results Are In – Shadowrun for S2

The poll closed at midnight last night, and a strong surge from Shadowrun supporters helped keep it at #1. So stay tuned, chummers. We’re about to jack in as we prep for Season 2 of the Saving Throw tutorial series!S2_Poll_Pie-chartat #1.


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Poll – Which RPG Should We Cover for S2?


Season One is behind us now and we’re looking to the future. Namely, which RPG system should we introduce and teach in Season Two of Saving Throw? As you may know we covered Pathfinder (by Paizo Publishing) for S1. So what do you think we should tackle next? Well you’re in luck, because we’ve got a poll going on right now! In fact, it’s in the last hours – it ends tonight at midnight PST. Read on for the current standings! Read more ›

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