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Are you a faithful Saving Throw Twitch viewer? Want to participate on the Brigade streams by sending the players a well-timed re-roll, or helping GM Mace with an extra bad guy? Don’t have any money to purchase those things? Well, we’re pleased to announce the all-new viewer loyalty program for Twitch!

Viewers now can accumulate XP just by watching our streams! This XP can then be turned in to purchase rewards. You can even gamble your XP to try and win more (or lose it all!).

You gain XP by watching our stream any time we’re live. Watch streams like:

MMOs with GM Mace – Mondays at 8pm PST
Rhoades Legacy – Tuesdays at 8pm PST
Amy is Frustrated – Wednesdays at 8pm PST
Barky’s Brigade – Every Other Friday at 8:30pm PST

Yes! We have a Barky’s Brigade tonight at 8:30p PDT!


Remember, you earn just by watching. So long as you’re logged into Twitch and in our chat room, you’re earning! You don’t even have to say anything! But the more active and involved you get (particularly sharing) the better chance you’ll earn Bonus XP.

In fact, if we reach 800 Twitch Followers by 9pm PDT tonight (8/21) we’ll give everyone in chat at that time a bonus 150XP.

We hope you enjoy this new system. For a listing of what you can purchase and to check your current values head on over to https://www.revlo.co/savingthrowshow


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Captain, I’m Feeling Lasery – Lasers & Feelings Review


You are the crew of the interstellar scout ship Raptor. Your mission is to explore uncharted regions of space, deal with aliens both friendly and deadly, and defend the Consortium worlds against space dangers. Captain Darcy has been overcome by the strange psychic entity known as Something Else, leaving you to fend for yourselves while he recovers in a medical pod.

That is the introduction to Lasers & Feelings, a nifty one-page RPG written by John Harper.  It’s free and it’s online, so you have no excuse not to try out this Star Trek-style space opera.  The rules are simple and straightforward, so there’s no learning curve on it.

During the game, players create a cast of characters drawn from the tropes of the genre, including android explorers, alien envoys, hot-shot pilots, and plenty more.  They’ll also select individual goals for their characters, which might include Shoot Bad Guys or Meet Sexy Aliens.  Once you’ve done that, you give your character a number.  Rather than a muddled mess of ability scores and modifiers like in some other RPGs, Lasers & Feelings assigns characters a single (unnamed) number, 2-5, which affects any dice you roll.



Lasers & Feelings derives its name from the two kinds of rolls players will be making throughout the game. Lasers is your brain, your knowledge and rationality and all those STEM subjects.  Its counterpart, feelings, is also your brain, but it encompasses emotions, intuition, smooth-talking, and so on. When you do something covered by lasers, you want to roll under the number. When you want to do something covered by feelings, you want to roll over the number. For those not tracking, that means that characters who are very good with machines are not so good with people (and vice-versa).

Task resolution is a simple dice pool mechanic. Declare what you want to do, the GM will tell you whether you’re rolling lasers or feelings, and you pick up a handful of dice. 1d6 for trying, 1d6 for being prepared, 1d6 if you’re an expert, and 1d6 if you have a helper. Roll ‘em and compare to that unnamed number from earlier. Every die below or above gives you a success, depending on the task at hand.  You want lots of successes or else the GM will make your life difficult in some way.

Interestingly, if you roll your number exactly, you have “LASER FEELINGS,” which I suppose is akin to a brain blast from those of us old enough to know what Jimmy Neutron is. When you have LASER FEELINGS, you can ask the GM a question, and he’ll answer, at which point you can opt to change your course of action.

You know, I never watched the show, but I heard that "Meet Sexy Aliens" was part of his schtick.

You know, I never watched the show, but I heard that “Meet Sexy Aliens” was part of his schtick.

Fitting onto a single sheet of paper, Lasers & Feelings is a simple game. It has no leveling or advancement mechanics. There are only a handful of procedurally-generated space adventures to choose from (such as “Zorgon the Conquer wants to Corrupt the Quantum Space Tunnel, which will Enslave a Planet”). In a campaign longer than a session, you will probably find Lasers & Feelings lackluster. However, it shines as a light and fast one-shot game, heavy on improvisation and zany antics. Providing the tools for quick character creation, Lasers & Feelings encourages GMs and players to cooperate in creating a strange-yet-familiar setting and story.

Perhaps the most unique aspect of Lasers & Feelings is improvisation.  The rules come out and say:

Play to find out how they defeat the threat… Don’t pre-plan outcomes—let the chips fall where they may. Use failures to push the action forward. The situation always changes after a roll, for good or ill.

The purpose of Lasers & Feelings is to offer players agency in defeating the threat, not push the GM to preplan an adventure. Never preplan beyond what the rules provide. There’s no need to. The players and dice will shape the story in unique and interesting ways.

If you’re looking to kill a few hours, I’d recommend giving Lasers & Feelings a try.

Have you played Lasers & Feelings before? What are your thoughts? Give a shout out in the comments below.

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New Sketch! People You’ll Meet Playing D&D!

After a premiere at Gen Con 2015 to good response, we’re happy to release our latest sketch! We hope you enjoy it too! And if you do, please like and share with your own gaming groups, so that we can make more!

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Saving Throw at Gen Con 2015


Hey everyone! We’re sending out a very small contingent of people (i.e. 1 person, because he’s paying for it himself) to go forth and preach the good word about Saving Throw! Come find Dom Zook, head honcho of Saving Throw, and quite possibly the World’s Most Handsome Man (with a Mild Overbite) In Existence™! Click the panel links to be taken to the ticket page and reserve your seat!

Friday, July 31 – 11:00a-12:30p – CREATING A SHOW FOR THE INTERNET – hosted by Dom and featuring a panel that includes folks behind G2V Podcast, RPG Academy, and Guys, Games and Beer! Get your learnin’ on. If you’ve ever wanted to port your RPG sessions to the internet and maybe make some moolah doing it, this is a panel for you.

Saturday, August 1 1:00p-2:00p – SAVING THROW PHASE 2.0 PANEL – hosted by Dom, this panel will show you what we have in store for Phase 2.0 of Saving Throw. New shows, new hosts, new videos (including a sneak peek of a brand new RPG sketch). Plus giveaways and, as always, a frank Q&A and a chance to help mold the direction Saving Throw follows! We can’t do any of this without you, so come check it out!

Saturday, August 1 4:00p-6:00pm – D&D with CASTLES & CHEMO  – Sign up now to come play with us – and for a good cause! Check out Castles & Chemo for more info.

Or you might see Dom just around the floor asking questions of unsuspecting attendees. If you see him, ask nicely, and you may get your very own Saving Throw “Do or Die” button! Preference will be given to anyone with art of any Barky’s Brigade characters!

Dom at Gen Con 2014

This is Dom. See this guy, say hi! He’s probably lonely.

See you at Gen Con 2015!

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What’s the essential lesson of GM Preparation?

GM Preparation – What’s your story?

So how do you prepare for a game? Are you the stacks of books, color printed maps and tea stained ‘aged paper’ handouts? Or do you fly by the seat of your pants, relying on your ability to quickly respond to player moves while imagining and perfectly describing the appropriate scene or villain? It’s not necessarily a hotly debated issue but you can rest assured most of us have an opinion and it’s probably based on some experience either fantastic or fantastically awful.

We'd like to start tonight's GM Anonymous with a short prayer...to the Chaos Gods

We’d like to start tonight’s GM Anonymous with a short prayer…to the Chaos Gods

I like to think of us all at the local high school gym or church basement, sitting in a circle of folded chairs, sipping bad coffee and eyeballing the tray of stale donuts while we confess our worst moments of under-preparation…or over-preparation. Read more ›

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