All New Site!

March 16, 2017 Dungeon Master 1467 No Comments

Hello everyone! The site is BACK and now better than ever thanks to the tireless efforts of John Arcadian over at Bee Zen Web Design, and, of course, the support of our wonderful Patreon backers! This update is a longtime coming and introduces some key features we think you’ll enjoy!

First up we now have show pages where you can catch up on the latest episode of your favorite show, read about the cast, and check out some art and other cool features.

Next we’ve placed the current calendar on the main page for easy reference, and cleaned up the main calendar as well. Be sure to add our calendar to yours to always get reminded of when we’re on!

We’ve still got some tweaks to make over the coming weeks but we think you’ll enjoy this new layout. Let us know what you think!

Thanks, as always!

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