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Hello friends!

As you undoubtedly know, since February 10th we’ve been running a Kickstarter campaign to create the first season of the Saving Throw webseries! Many of you have stepped forward and pledged your hard-earned dollars towards our goal. We’re now – as of this writing, at the half-way point in the campaign – $677 away from our goal. Still on the fence? Read on…

This is no ordinary campaign, dear reader. Not one bit. For you see once our initial goal is met we begin a new campaign.


Backers will join together to form the adventuring party, whose final goal is to not only raise $100,000 but also defeat Cthulhu! *thunderclap*

Through a series of goals you’ll adventure through the town, gathering hints, weapons, and items to help you defeat Cthulhu and his minions. This is fundraising like you’ve never experienced before! But you’ve gotta back to participate! So get on it!

And now a little recap of the love we’ve received thus far from around the internet.

Tubefilter called our hosts “delightfully geeky” and “the hosts seem to be greatly enjoying themselves, and this honest presentation should allow fans to do the same.”

Geekscape said “Saving Throw may be just what I (and you) need to really figure things out.”

The said “this series is a fantastic idea.”

There’s an interview with Dom over at the G2V Podcast that just came out today.

We are Dungeon Master and we are legion. Actually, we're likely one of several people who help run the site, the show, and keep things cooking here at Saving Throw - just like a real Dungeon Master.

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Dark Sun w/ Dungeon World feat. ...
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A Knick-Knack on Every Paddy Whack
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Proficiency Check w/ Dom Zook
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7:30 pm Proficiency Check w/ Dom Zook
Proficiency Check w/ Dom Zook
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