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With our new GM Teline Guerra we bring together a all female cast of wizards set in the Harry Potter universe using a variant pathfinder rule system altered to suit Harry Potter. Miss Adventures every other Wednesday alternating with the The Lost Brigade.


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Major Locations

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Season One


A listing of the player characters, linked to their character sheets and more detailed entries in the system.

Character Player
Amelia Breckenridge Blythe Kala
Morgana Helstrom Meghan Caves
Terra Bella Zonks Teri Gamble
Jana Quiqby Mac Beauvais

List of Episodes

Airdate Title YouTube Link GM
2016-10-12 Episode 1 Here Teline Guerra
2016-10-26 Episode 2 Here Teline Guerra
2016-11-09 Episode 3 Here Teline Guerra