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The Saving Throw team has made a number of musically-inspired videos. Here's a detailed listing of each one.

Bardic Songs

2014 Kickstarter Bardic Songs

These tunes were written and performed by Amy Vorpahl (with occasional assistance from Ben Dunn) to honor backers who supported us at a certain level.

Parody Songs

Just Give Me a d6

Written by Tyler Rhoades and performed by Amy Vorpahl and Rhoades, this is a parody of P!nk's "Just Give Me a Reason." The story in the video follows a similar incident that occurred during gameplay between the same group of players featured in the video in an "offline" game. In a session of 2nd Edition AD&D a gnome alchemist named Albus is hiding from the town guard in a local watering hole frequented by members of the party. The character of Spud portrayed by Rhoades accidentally instigated a fight with the guard after a botched attempt at pickpocketing a guardsman. Leaping to his defense were the wizard Steve played by Dom Zook, the dwarven fighter Garthok played by Ben Dunn, Choric Sunderdark the half-elf cleric played by Mason McDaniel and the half-elf druid Denida Stormblossom played by Vorpahl. Spud killed one of the guards in cold-blood, receiving a stern talking-to from Denida afterwards. In the process the party managed to save Albus and were given a quest to track down a mysterious herb for a potion.

For the video, the events from the gameplay were slightly altered to accommodate location and pacing. The guards (Daniel Weinell, Adam Murray), led by their captain (Patrick Donahue) waylay the party as they attempt to leave the town in search of the herbs for the gnome.