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Airing every Saturday starting at 5:00pm PDT Phoenix Dawn Command uses a completely unique RPG game system "No Dice, No character sheets and No experience" to bring players into the world created by Keith Baker.

Stream Notes

Chat Commands

At any time during the stream, viewers can catch up on the action and find out who's playing who by typing certain commands into the chat window.

!PDC - this command gives an up to the minute recounting of where the party is and their current mission.

!characters - using this command will display the listing of the players along with what character they are playing in this particular campaign.


Saving Throw utilizes a voluntary Pay-What-You-Will Donation system in conjunction with a loyalty program. Viewers are encouraged but under no obligation to donate to the channel. What sets Saving Throw apart is the ability to "purchase" certain abilities through the donation process or by turning in earned XP. Viewers can interact with the party through a variety of deus ex machina events that each cost a certain amount. For instance, for $1 or 550 XP a donor can heal a party member one sanity point. But they can also harm the party by granting a re-roll to the GM, or adding baddies to a fight that's all too easy.

Donation Rewards

The following is a complete list of the current donor reward choices:

Viewer Loyalty

For every minute of time you spend watching any one of our streams, you earn 1 XP. You can spend these XP like a donation to buy in-game effects. You can also gamble your XP to potentially earn more (or lose it all). And you can participate in contests on the stream using your XP to help you win!

At any time you can see your current XP total by typing !XP (capital X and P only) in the chat window.

To gamble, type !gamble <amount> where <amount> is replaced with the total you'd like to gamble with. For example "!gamble 400" would put 400XP on the line. You can lose everything, double it, or triple it when you gamble.

Check out our page on Revlo for more info and look-up your score!

Loyalty Rewards

See the available rewards HERE. You must spend XP to unlock these rewards. You may choose any reward labeled "ALL" or "PDC" for this stream. Read the descriptions carefully, however, as some ALL rewards may have different effects in this game.


This is coming...


A complete listing of the NPCs the players have encountered is available on this handy-dandy List of Phoenix Dawn Command NPCs.

Major Locations

List of Phoenix Dawn Command Locations

Season One


A listing of the player characters and more detailed entries in the system.

Character Origin School Player
Ink Shrouded Michael Holmes
Idalia Devoted Tara Strand
Eerie Forceful Robert Chan
Varya Bitter Mac Beauvais
Kelvin Elemental Shawn Graham
Beans Durant Teline Guerra
Fade Shrouded Kate Elliott
Taroneeg Devoted Kelly Dangelo

List of Episodes

Personal Journal entry's of the cast can be found on the [Saving throw Website] recounting the adventures of the reborn wing.

Airdate Title YouTube Link GM
2016-08-16 Episode One [HERE] Sax Carr
2016-08-16 Episode Two [HERE] Sax Carr
2016-08-21 Episode Three [HERE] Sax Carr
2016-08-27 Episode Four [HERE] Sax Carr
2016-09-03 Episode Five [HERE] Sax Carr