Phoenix Dawn Command

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Phoenix Dawn Command uses a completely unique RPG game system "No Dice, No character sheets and No experience" to bring players into the world created by Keith Baker.


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A complete listing of the NPCs the players have encountered is available on this handy-dandy List of Phoenix Dawn Command NPCs.

Major Locations

List of Phoenix Dawn Command Locations

Season One


A listing of the player characters and more detailed entries in the system.

Character Origin School Player
Ink Shrouded Michael Holmes
Idalia Devoted Tara Strand
Eerie Forceful Robert Chan
Varya Bitter Mac Beauvais
Kelvin Elemental Shawn Graham
Beans Durant Teline Guerra
Fade Shrouded Kate Elliott
Taroneeg Devoted Kelly D'Angelo

List of Episodes

Personal Journal entry's of the cast can be found on the [Saving throw Website] recounting the adventures of the reborn wing.

Airdate Title YouTube Link GM
2016-08-16 Episode One [HERE] Sax Carr
2016-08-16 Episode Two [HERE] Sax Carr
2016-08-21 Episode Three [HERE] Sax Carr
2016-08-27 Episode Four [HERE] Sax Carr
2016-09-03 Episode Five [HERE] Sax Carr