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First Airdate: November 18, 2014
Created By: Dom Zook, Tyler Rhoades, and Ben Dunn
Hosts: Season One - Ivan Van Norman, Amy Vorpahl, and Ben Dunn
Website: Official Site of Saving Throw
Twitter: @savingthrow
YouTube: Saving Throw Channel

Saving Throw is the name of the flagship tutorial series produced by GadZook Films. Each season covers the introduction and instruction of a particular role-playing game. The first season covered the Pathfinder gaming system by Paizo Publishing.


Saving Throw began its life as an idea between Dom Zook, Tyler Rhoades, and Ben Dunn. The general concept was to teach role-playing games in a dynamic and fun way, in order to draw more people into the hobby and engage the fans. The three men were playing in an AD&D 2nd edition game where Dunn was the newbie and Zook and Rhoades were attempting to teach him the concepts of the game. They agreed that it was much easier to watch someone play while explaining the rules than to just try to read a manual. Zook had commented on how, after nearly 20 years away from the game, he had to re-educate himself and took to the internet. There he was struck with how many "How To" shows were dry, talking head style affairs.

After a meeting over pie at Burbank's own Coral Cafe the three decided that they could put together their filmmaking talents and create a show for RPG geeks to watch and learn their favorite games.

In March 2014 the team held their first Kickstarter campaign. With a goal of $8,000 they were able to successfully raise $12,745. The bulk of the money was spent on location rentals and equipment purchases, which would last the group throughout multiple episodes and series shot over several months.


Filming for the first season officially began on the first season in July 2014 and completed in October 2014.

It was announced in April 2015 that the second season would cover Shadowrun. This was determined after a poll ranked Shadowrun first among systems fans wanted to learn about. No release date has been announced yet for Season 2.


Season One

No. Topic System Airdate
1.1 Races Pathfinder November 18, 2014
1.2 Classes & Alignment Pathfinder November 25, 2014
1.3 Ability Scores Pathfinder December 4, 2014
1.4 Skills Pathfinder December 9, 2014
1.5 Feats Pathfinder December 16, 2014
1.6 Money & Equipment Pathfinder January 6, 2015
1.7 Magic Pathfinder January 13, 2015
1.8 Combat, Part 1 Pathfinder January 20, 2015
1.9 Combat, Part 2 Pathfinder January 27, 2015