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Spud, in inaction
First Video: ACME Livestream
Class: Rogue
Race: Human
Player: Tyler Rhoades


Spud was abandoned by his prostitute mother as an infant, and was raised in a dilapidated orphanage run by a cruel headmistress. He never had a name, but eventually earned the nickname Spud at the age of seven after eating an entire diseased and rotting potato following a dare. At the age of 12 Spud stabbed and nearly killed an older boy who had been constantly bullying him and other children. The stabbing resulted in Spud being severely beaten by the headmistress, and eventually kicked out of the orphanage.

Spud lived on the street for a year, begging for food and stealing when he could. He was quick on his feet, and he had a knack for talking his way out of trouble when his feet weren't fast enough. Slight of frame, his diminutive figure was easily lost in a crowd, and his aptitude at thievery eventually obviated his reliance on charity.

After witnessing the brutal murder of a kindly local shopkeeper who had fallen into debt, Spud stalked the assailants back to their hideout and observed them for several weeks, plotting his revenge. But rather seeing them as a gang of thugs, he discovered they were actually a well-organized and respected guild of thieves and assassins called the Blazing Fist, and Spud came to the conclusion that the shopkeeper might have deserved his grisly fate.

One night, after spending hours in his carefully-concealed lookout, Spud left to find food only to be surprised by a halfling named Mutt, who had been observing his reconnaissance efforts since he began them. Instead of scouting the Blazing Fist, apparently Spud was being scouted by the guild. Mutt challenged him to steal a hundred gold pieces in 24 hours and bring it to the guild entrance. The next morning Mutt showed up with 200 gold pieces held in a sack that had been been emblazoned with the symbol of the Blazing Fist, previously owned by a now-disgraced member of the guild. He was accepted into the fold immediately, and spent the next two years learning the art of theft, deception, and trickery.

Early one morning the guild was raided by members of the city watch, the leadership was arrested and executed, and the members were scattered to the four winds. Spud immediately left the city to ply the skills of his trade in some foreign land.

Character Sheet

File:Spud CharacterSheet.png
Spud's 3rd Level character sheet for ACME Livestream series.

Saving Throw Appearances

Actual Plays

Year Title System
2015 ACME Livestream Pathfinder