The Lost Brigade

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Our Wednesday night stream follows the adventures of The Lost Brigade, a group of adventurers stranded in a strange new world called Altea.


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Major Locations

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Season One


A listing of the player characters, linked to their character sheets and more detailed entries in the system.

Character Race Class Player
Ruckus P. Fizzlebottom Gnome Wizard Gaurav Gulati
Meraelyren Dwarf Ranger Amy Vorpahl
Dagwen Wrayassa Dragonborn Barbarian Traycee King
Theronna Wood Elf Druid Havana Mahoney
Don Miguel Human Paladin Tyler Rhoades

List of Episodes

Airdate Title YouTube Link GM
2016-10-01 Episode 1 Here Mason McDaniel
2016-10-19 Episode 2 Here Mason McDaniel
2016-11-02 Episode 3 Here Mason McDaniel
2016-11-17 Episode 4 Here Mason McDaniel